Pottu kadalai laddoo or Maa laddoo

This laddoo is the easiest  and tastiest sweet,  which can be  made at home and eaten with relish. This is made during  Deepavali or on other festive occasions . This laddoo  is also a part of Seer made during marriages. The quantity of sugar can be reduced to one’s liking and requirements. Usually the laddoo is made with Boora sugar or Tagar. Country sugar or Nattu chakkarai can also be used . Try this festive season and delight your family members with home made sweets.

Roasted gram dal or chana is a healthy snack and can be eaten by one and all. Its high in fibre and low in sodium and aids weight loss and digestive problems .


  • Pottu kadalai or Roasted gram dal 1 cup
  •  Hot melted ghee one fourths cup
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Cashewnuts 10 (broken)
  • Cardamom powder  two pinches


  1. In a kadai or a deep thick pan , heat the pottukadalai and roast to lukewarm. Powder fine in a processor and  transfer to a large mixing bowl / plate .
  2. Add a tablespoon of ghee in the kadai, shallow fry the cashewnuts till golden brown. Keep aside .
  3. Powder the sugar , if using, ordinary  refined sugar . See to that no lumps are present .
  4. Mix the gram flour and the sugar in the mixing bowl or plate  . Add cardamom and roasted nuts.
  5. Meanwhile heat the ghee to liquefy.
  6. Add hot melted ghee and mix well with a spatula or a wooden spoon.
  7. Roll small balls of the powder  , when it  is hot .
  8. Delicious laddoos  are  ready.
  9. Tin them, when cool and they remain unspoilt for 10 to 15 days.


  1. While making the laddoos , if the ladoos don’t hold well , it means the ghee isn’t enough. So add more ghee ,cautiously ,little by little , then continue rolling the laddus.
  2. Melt ghee , just before combining all ingredients , so that hot ghee is readily available  to combine .
  3. While using sugar (country or brown) ,use lighter  colored sugar (light brown) ,so that you get a lighter  coloured ladoo. However if you  do not mind the brownish ladoos , please go ahead with darker shades of sugar.
  4. Other nuts like almonds ,pista can be added to the laddoos to get a crunchy laddoo. Raisins too can be added .
  5. The quantity of sugar can be increased or decreased , according to your taste or requirement . Reduce the quantity of the ghee accordingly.