Perungaya Choornam

This s a grandmother’s home remedy for indigestion ,ordinary cold and cough.


  • Asafoetida 8 grams( Preferably compounded )
  • Chukku(dry ginger ) 35 grams
  • Thippili Long Pepper 35 gms
  • Pepper corns 35 gms
  • Cumin seeds 35 gms
  • Omam or ajwain 35 gms
  • Cumin (black ) 35 gms


  1. In a shallow pan , dry roast all the ingredients and powder them well . Store and keep in a cool place .
  2. All the above ingredients , can be dried in the hot sun for a day or two and powdered and used .
  3. The above choornam is a very useful for indigestion.


  1. The Perungaya choornam is  useful, when needed for mild cases of stomach upsets. However if you have medical condition and take medicines for that  ,please consult your doctor, before using these preparations. Thippili is also known as long pepper and can be got from ayurvedic medicine outlets or shops which stock Indian country spices and herbs.
  2. Thippili is very beneficial for depression, weight loss and indigestion.
  3. Its regularly used in Indian cuisine in rasam ..
  4. It is used in ayurvedic and siddha preparations for cold and cough.
  5. Dry ginger is effective for removing all toxins from the body.
  6. Chukku kaapi is effective in opening all nasal blocks,if you suffer from sinuitis or frequent colds,especially in winter .