Semolina Ladoo/Rava Ladoo

Indians, celebrate festivals with much gusto and fervor, and  intrinsic part  of every festival is sweets made during festive occasions . The number of festivals, is too many in India and it varies from region to region. Most festivals are celebrated as a salutation to God and offerings called prasadam or prasad or bhog is made with great care ,reverence  and love . After offering the sweet or savoury made to the Lord, its distributed among family and friends , which is an  Indian tradition .

The Semolina laddoo  is an easy and effortless sweet, which can be made at home ,especially during Diwali, as they  are quick and easy to make and can be made in large numbers to distribute amongst family and friends .

It is  made from  Semolina or Rava as the name implies, along with sugar , ghee and  generous sprinkling of nuts. As these ingredients are generally readily available in the  Indian kitchen ,it can be made without much ado. Also the procedure  for making the laddoo is simple and doesn’t require much time in the kitchen and the outcome is delicious.


  • Semolina/ Rava (fine variety) 2 cups
  • Melted Ghee half a cup
  • Sugar 2 cups ,
  • Cashewnuts 50 grams (broken)
  • Cardamom half teaspoon ( powdered)



  1. In a deep thick pan or kadai , add a teaspoon of ghee and shallow fry the cashews to golden brown.
  2. Remove and keep aside.
  3. Add rava to the kadai and roast it in low heat , to golden brown or till its emits an aroma  and is completely dry and  separate. Make sure to stir continuously so that the rava doesn’t get burned. Aslo keep the heat always low .
  4. Powder the rava ,  in a processor, little by little .
  5. Powder the sugar too . Mix the powdered rava , cardamom powder and sugar well in large broad plate or a bowl . Break the roasted cashews and add to the mixture.
  6. Take hot melted ghee  pour over the rava sugar mixture and mix well with a wooden spatula or ladle.
  7. Roll them into small balls when the mixture is hot .
  8. Yummy laddoos are ready
  9. Store them when cool  or serve immediately .


  1. While making the laddoos , use fresh good quality rava preferably chiroti ,a finer variety . If its not available use  Bombay rava .
  2. Melt the ghee , side by side while roasting the rava , or while grinding it . The hot ghee helps in binding the laddoo.
  3. One can use country sugar or boora sugar/ brown sugar .  However the colour of the laddoos would be a little different .